Tee It Up for Your Wedding Photos!

What is the best part of having your wedding at a golf course? Apart from the beautiful greenery, large facilities and abundance of amenities, golf courses present great opportunities to get creative and artistic with your wedding photography!

Towering oak trees, emerald greens and a serene lake showcase a picturesque setting to allow for some of the more romantic shots of the couple surrounded by sweeping landscapes.

Bride and Groom on Green
courtesy of cliffordoliverphotography.com
Bride with Trees
courtesy of elizabethannedesigns.com

The bride and groom below made use of Eagle Glen’s picturesque mountains for a dramatic eye-catching photograph.

EG wedding

Some couples opt for the more playful shots to give their wedding album a more fun-loving personal flair. From golf play to cart rides, there are endless ways to show off your adventurous side!

Bride and Groom on the Green
courtesy of Tidewater Golf Club
Bride and Groom Teeing it Up
courtesy of ilovephotography.com
Wedding Party on Golf
courtesy of google.com

Close up shots are another essential for putting together a memorable wedding album, focusing in on special moments and highlights that might otherwise go unnoticed. These final two photographs use close ups to sum up the special day by focusing in on two very familiar golf traits; the tee’d up golf ball and the bunker.

Golf Balls with Wedding Rings
courtesy of pin2fun4890.blogspot.com
Just Married in Bunker
courtesy of pinterestincandescenthai.weebly.com